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Graphic design & production for digital and print channels


Effective graphic design is, in large, about creating a compelling graphic language that communicates your story strongly to its desired target group. The ability to differentiate yourself and have your voice heard over your competitors is greatly aided by well considered and impeccably implemented design. Having worked on a wide range of projects spanning corporate communication, web design, brand identity and print, I look forward in assisting you in your needs for quality graphic design and production.
3 – online retail

[ Email & digital marketing ], an online retailer of women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, brought me on-board as a full-time contractor for a longer period. During this time I worked with their design team with Boozt’s online marketing. This consisted of the design and production of email and sales campaigns which were typically rotated on a weekly basis.

To support these campaigns ever evolving sets of banner ads for Google, Facebook, and affiliate bloggers were generated, both static and animated.

Email campaigns

Front end campaigns

Banner ads – Social media & affiliates

Ortelius AB

[ Webdesign, print & exhibition graphics)

Ortelius, based in Malmö, helps makes company’s common knowledge more accessible and easy-to-use through their powerful platform inorigo. In a nutshell they can create a ‘digital twin’ of an organisation.

Projects with Ortelius have covered a wide variety of marketing materials in the way of web design, brochures, exhibition graphics, company profile items, banner ads, stationary etc.


[ Digital & print production ]

BIMobject® links the complex technology around CAD and BIM with architects and the building product manufacturing industry.

Filling in for a designer on parental leave, I helped keep the wheels rolling with producing a host of banner ads, product sheets, financial reports, and other varied marketing materials for both their digital and print channels.

Print production

Banner ads

Duni AB

Catalogue production ]

Duni is a producer of table coverings and take-away accessories for the consumer and hospitality industries. While an employee was on sick leave I helped out with the day-to-day production of marketing items for their different markets. Items included digital banner ads, catalogues and product leaflets. 

Catalogue production

Banner ads

Product sheets


[ Print design & production ]

TylöHelo is the consolidation of Tylö and Helo, two brands traditionally synonymous with sauna and steam in Scandinavia. As part of the launch new product brochures were designed and produced bringing the two brands together under a new graphic umbrella. 


[ Editorial design & production ]

“Reward Yourself For Your Small Victories” was a campaign put together for Helo saunas. It consisted of four Helo personalities with different focusses in their lives.

My part in the campaign was to put together a 22 page brochure reflecting the online campaign, exploring each of the individuals and more importantly their preferred products.

DIIZ Access

[ Visual identity ]

DIIZ Access designs and produced fashion accessories for people with an urban soul. They created usual items with unexpected materials. They launched with bracelets, necklaces and mobile phone covers. 

I was commissioned to create a logo and graphic style that had a contemporary and fluid expression. The identity consisted of the logotype, product graphics, packaging, posters and a host of other marketing support materials.

Ready Consulting

[ Logo & webdesign ]

Ready Consulting works within management development, helping both middle and upper management to create effective individuals and teams. Comprising of two founders the new start-up required a distinctive, concise but personal image.


[ Print & digital advertisements ]

Dux Industries AB and Duxiana, their chain of stores worldwide, has a deep rooted Swedish history of manufacturing exclusive beds and furniture. Over a period of two years they commissioned me to help with the production and distribution of their marketing material. 

This ranged from weekly advertisements in newspapers and magazines, banner ads through to exhibition display graphics and in-house presentation material.

Suncorp / Simm Design

Brand documentation ]

A client of Simm Design (Melbourne Australia) Suncorp is one of Australia’s leaders in banking, insurance, investment and superannuation. They focus on retail customers and small to medium businesses. 

Simm Design took me onboard for the documentation of the publishing guidelines in connection with the launch of Suncorp’s newly established banking services. This spanned Suncorp’s different lines of business and resulted in a comprehensive publishing guideline’s document with accompanying digital templates.

Flake Comfortware

[ Logo design ]

Flake Comfortwear is functional thermal underwear with the adventure-skier in mind. Made from the natural fiber silk it is the perfect essential to have when striding into the back country on those warmer days.


[ Editorial production ]

Publisher New Heroes & Pioneers produced a unique book ‘Share’. They got in touch with 50 promising young artists from around the world, each contributing a piece of their art to be placed on it’s own page. The pages are perforated which means they can be torn out and shared individually; framed, pinned or put on the fridge.

Conceived by The New Heroes & Pioneers and designed by Charisse Wierup, my part in the project was the layout of the 108 page publication, production and supply of artwork for printing.


[ Editorial production ]

Designed by the company Sven Eighteen, Kullaliv is a regional magazine that covers a corner in the south of Sweden. It brings to light the interesting and often quirky people that are the pulse of the region.

For a number of issues I helped out with the layouting of articles, photo retouching, and finished art for various sections throughout the magazine.

Teligent AB

Brand, print & exhibitions ]

Teligent provided telecom operators with advanced telephony services such as virtual switchboards, voice mail, prepaid calling, toll-free calls and so on. They were in a situation where their marketing material had to communicate to both management and technical staff of prospective clients. 

Following is a small selection of projects that, over time, moulded Teligent’s graphic style. 

Annual reports

Exhibition stand

Brochure and product sheet groups

Target Enclosure

Brand development ]

With creative director Anders Bergman at Markenvard Media, we developed a logo and graphic style for the Swedish company Target Enclosure, a developer and manufacturer of shielded computer enclosures for the protection of sensitive data. 

Developed was the logo and various graphic applications ranging from business cards, Word and PowerPoint templates, product catalogue, and a lite graphic standards manual.

Logos & icons

Following are a selection of logos and symbols created either as brands on their own, or graphics lying within a larger project… my honourable mentions.


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